How To Warm Your Home While Staying Energy Efficient

How To Warm Your Home While Staying Energy Efficient

It’s a struggle many of us face – especially over the colder seasons. Striking the right balance between warmth, saving cash and energy efficiency is difficult. But not impossible.

Energy efficiency and saving cash go hand in hand. If you’re energy efficient, you’ll likely be cutting those costs. But just what can you do to accomplish both? If there’s a chill in the air around your home – even over summer – then you need to act fast.

Switch Your Energy Supplier

Staying with the same provider for a long amount of time is a good way to lose money. There’s a chance you aren’t getting the most bang for your buck, so consider a switch.

You could use a comparison tool to get a fast quote. Or just give a competitor a call and explain your situation. Many providers will be happy to welcome you with introductory offers if you consider moving to them. After all, it’s another customer for their accounts.

Smaller, More Compact Heating Solutions

Those giant storage heaters may keep your home warm, but they’re a massive drain on money. Considering a smaller, more compact solution such as a baseboard heater could save you space as well as saving your wallet. Remember, size doesn’t equal warmth. Less is more, and you can still heat the home by scaling back.

Let The Heat Spread Around The House

Contrary to popular belief, shutting all your doors won’t make the house warmer. This just keeps the cold air cold and the warm air warm. Open some doors around your home and let the heat spread more evenly.

Seal Off Your Chimney Or Fireplace

Chimneys and open fireplaces are a massive warm air drainer. They also funnel that cold air down from the roof and into your living room. Sealing off your chimney or fireplace will shut off this access port and make the house feel a bit toastier as a result.

Insulate The Attic

Attics are tricky rooms to get right. They are usually the largest space in the house, and as a result, harbor the most cold air. This opens them up to the effects of condensation, and the whole room can turn miserable fast. If you have kids that use the room as a bedroom, you’ll want to set it up so it’s suitable for sleeping in. This often begins and ends with temperature, so organize a solution.

A lot of attic spaces will have a hollow area at either side of the room. This place is ready-built to be well-insulated with some foam board or concrete form insulation. As a result, the room that usually held cold air will now be a hot air haven.

So, hopefully some of this advice was relevant to you. Heating our homes can be a tricky task, especially 365 days a year. The weather can change, our clothing can change. Your house can even change, with new decorations and room layouts affecting the overall atmosphere. All you can do is try your best to stay on top of things, and that begins and ends with these few small tweaks. Good luck!

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