How To Save Money On Private Tutoring

How To Save Money On Private Tutoring

A great number of parents have turned to private tutors in recent years.In fact, currently the number of tutors in the UK outnumbers the number of teachers. Parents want to do everything to prepare their children for the future, and fear that if their children don’t succeed academically they will not fare well for a meaningful and well-paying career.

There are a number of ways to save money on private tutoring. There are also some important rules to follow so that the tutoring your children get doesn’t have the undesired effect of putting them further behind.

Make Sure the Tutor Has Proper Qualification

The tutoring industry is largely unregulated. That means that you have to be very careful when hiring a tutor for your child. A bad tutor can discourage a child, make them lazy, and create a sense of dependency on the tutor.After a while you’ll have to pay additional money to hire a better qualified tutor to reverse all of the damaged done by the inexperienced or unqualified tutor.

Check to see if the tutor or tutoring company you are working with is a member of an official state sponsored association. If they aren’t, reconsider hiring them. Here are serious things to watch out for when observing a tutor working with your child:

Do they offer your child several different ways of learning the material?

If they are focused on just one strategy, then they are not taking your child’s unique style of learning into account. That can severely hinder your child from developing their own unique learning style, which in turn can prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Do they regularly study current best practices in teaching?

Interview prospective tutors and ask them what their philosophy of tutoring is, what are some new ideas in the field that have changed their style of tutoring, and what journals they read on a regular basis. Ask them which teaching philosophies they agree or disagree with. Get them to talk about why they agree or disagree with those philosophies. You will get a sense for whether or not the tutor is passionate about their work, or will see your child as paycheck.

Relatively Speaking…

Check with friends and relatives. You may find out that somebody in your circle does volunteer tutoring in the subject that you are having trouble with.You still want to make sure they are qualified to help your child. However, you may be able to offer to do some sort of service in exchange for the tutoring your child receives. Make sure you offer specific things that you’ll do in exchange for the tutoring.

If you’re a pianist, offer to play at a dinner party in exchange for the tutoring. If you’re good seamstress, offer to repair their clothes that need mending. That will give them a sense of what types of skills you have. Of course, you can also ask them if they have anything in particular that they need help with. If your child is able to, also figure out ways that they can trade their skills in exchange for the tutoring.

Self-Paced Courses Online

Sites like Maths Whizz and Mathletics have proven to be popular and effective. Both are much less expensive than hiring a tutor. Khan Academy is a free option that offers self-paced learning for many subject areas. Make sure you check with your child’s teacher before pursuing any of these options.

Find the Best Tutor at the Lowest Price

There are also tutor price comparison search engines that will find you tutors for your child at the best price. But only hire those with a good rating, rather than just the cheapest one.  The wrong tutor can actually hinder your child’s progress, but the right tutor can have a powerful, positive impact on your child. So do your due diligence first before hiring a private tutor.

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