Save Money While Saving Energy And The Planet

Save Money While Saving Energy And The Planet

People have been warned for quite some time now about the ecological issues our planet is facing. Most of these issues have been a direct result of own our actions. Our uncontrollable consumption of the planet’s resources and pollution of the ground, waters, and air are taking its toll.

However, there is also a growing number of people who’ve decided to do something about it and to make their own contribution to help the planet.

Every person can make a difference on an everyday basis. If you feel you can do more for the environment, here are some ideas on how to save energy and help the planet, while simultaneously saving big money:

1. Easy-To-Remember Electricity Tips

Electricity Tips

The most frequently given advice (but also very important) is to turn off unnecessary lights in your home. Don’t leave the lights in rooms that you’re not in. In the evening, lamps are a better solution – they shine warner light and don’t use as much energy as numerous overhead light bulbs.

Household appliances are another big energy consumer. The term “vampire power” is real – even when an appliance is turned off, it still uses energy if it’s plugged in. On an annual level, unplugging every electrical appliance not in use, starting with a mobile phone charger and ending with a TV in the guest room, will make a huge difference.

2. A Bit Of Hard Work Around The House Pays Off

Saving Money Using Green Energy

Any damage to your household appliances can cost you more than you think. Leaking faucets or toilets can seriously increase your bill. If a faucet leaks hot water, the damage is double – you are also wasting the energy needed to heat the water.

Next, deal with gaps and cracks in the walls. They can be easily caulked, which is a cheap investment. On the other hand, the cracks let out a great amount of energy that you’re paying for. The usual spots where cracks occur are door frames and windows, as well as the garage doors.

Lastly, every three months, air intake filters in your home need to be replaced. Not only does this act get rid of dust and allergens, but it also improves the airflow, making it easier for the air conditioner to function with less energy spent.

3. Frugality Isn’t For Eccentrics Only

Frugality Energy Savings

There are tons of small things frugal people do in order to save energy, money and the environment – you would be surprised just how many things you do wrong!

There are many things in your house that you could reuse or repurpose, even though some of them take some work. For example:

  • Empty glass jars can make great vases or cheerful containers.
  • Bottle caps can be used for making a perpetual calendar.
  • Old clothes can serve as dusting cloths or be used for making bags or any other thing you can come up with.

Borrowing is another way of economizing, and not just small stuff, such as a bit of flour from the neighbor – big things, too. People’s garages are full of things they rarely use, so if you need something for a certain period of time, like a power tool, don’t buy it but better check with the neighbors or friends if they have it, but don’t need at the time.

If you’re planning on relocating, don’t use cardboard boxes, borrow them and then pass them on. You can also choose to rent/borrow plastic containers to save trees.

4. Green All The Way

Solar Powered Green Energy

Being cautious about the environment also means driving less and cycling more – if you’re able to walk or ride a bike to your job, do it, it’ll also be good for your health.

Homemade cleaning supplies are both cheap and free of harmful chemicals, as you make them from vinegar or baking soda.

Growing your own food is a big step, but deeply satisfying, healthy and eco-friendly.


Earth Day shouldn’t be just one day of the year when everybody talks about how important it is to take care of the planet we’re living on.

In order for this to really have an impact on the world, it needs to be lived and made visible every day. Tiny things that we do during the day are the ones that will leave a mark, whether they are bad decisions or good ones.

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