10 Smart Ways To Save Money During A Divorce

10 Smart Ways To Save Money During A Divorce

Divorces are not only emotionally wrecking, but also financially devastating. If you are determined on settling your divorce peacefully and on good terms, the tips below can help you save as much as you can in the process.

1. Get Your Act Together

Regardless of whether you were the one who asked for the divorce, or your spouse was, there will be some extreme emotions on both sides. In order to stay focused and get through the divorce as quickly as possible, leave those emotions at home. The quickest way of finalizing the process is by reaching an agreement and you have to be rational in order to do that.

2. Being Well Organized Is The Key

Now that you are calm, it is time to get organized. Find out what paperwork is required. Gather and organize the relevant documents. You want to reduce the number of times you reach out to your attorney for help. Knowing exactly what you need and having everything ready for each appointment will help you save time in consults and reduce your costs.

3. Get Familiar With The Family Finances

If you were not the one to track the finances while you were in the marriage, you need to get yourself familiar with all of the accounts and debts you have as a couple and individually. This can be somewhat difficult if there is a business involved but do your best.

4. Do The Leg-work Yourself

Everything you can do yourself, you definitely should. Again, to save money on attorneys and pay for fewer consults. Fill out the financial statement yourself, or any other forms required. If you need copies of certain documents, also do it yourself as an attorney will charge you for any time you spend in their office regardless of the way you spend it.

5. Don’t DIY Your Divorce

I have recommended previously doing what you can yourself, but omitting any sort of legal assistance in a divorce is definitely not one of the things you should do. It can end up costing you a lot in a long-run. Most of all, a couple of months from now you may not like the agreement and you find out that your spouse was better familiar with the process and your assets than you were.

6. Hire The right attorney

When it comes to attorneys, shop around. Look into recommendations and specific things said about them. Make sure that the price suits you, but that they are still a reputable professional. If you think that spending a lot on a really good attorney will save you a lot in the long run and help you get more, it might. However, remember that a good attorney is the one who wins cases and you do not need someone particularly aggressive as you want to reach an agreement and compromise, not win.

7. Use Your Attorney Wisely

As mentioned above, you should try to minimize the amount of time you spend with your attorney. Be prepared for every visit and ask the right questions. Do not go into personal discussions with them as you will only be wasting your time. For technical details such as your court dates and the stage of your case, you can contact paralegals and legal assistants who will probably advise you on this for free.

8. Use Assistance Of A Mediator

Cases that can be subjected to mediation, which are all non-criminal cases, should definitely be resolved this way. If you are determined not to spend a lot and ready to come to an agreement, hiring a mediator is the right thing to do. They will help you get over your differences and help you communicate with your spouse at a cost which can be some ten, or more, times less than hiring lawyers or going to court.

9. Reach An Agreement Where You Can

Try reaching an agreement if not about all then at least on some, less important things such as your personal property. You may be tempted to be spiteful, but as the first paragraph points out, it will get you nowhere.

10. Avoid Litigation As Much As Possible

You should try to stay away from courts and avoid litigation at all costs. Not only that it will end up being expensive, but it will also cost you a lot of your time and nerves.


When it comes to reducing expenses when getting divorced, it is crucial to be able to communicate well with the other party. If you can manage to do that, you will have nothing to worry about and you can be sure that you will get the best value for the money you spend.

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