How To Make Your Yard Sale A Success

How To Make Your Yard Sale A Success

We all need a little extra cash now and then. A good source of making money fast is to sell your older belongings. Some peoples trash can be anothers treasure. Instead of storing your unused items in the attic/basement consider having a yard sale.

Before eBay came around yard sales were one of the only ways to make money. But yard sales still serve a purpose. Some items are so cheap that it wouldn’t make sense to ship them. Other items are large and only suitable for pickup, not shipping.

Here in this post I’ll go over a few tips on how to make your yard sale a great success.

Advertise Your Yard Sale

Nobody will know about your yard sale if you don’t tell them about it. Post visible signs in prominent places around your neighborhood. With just a few well placed signs you can attract a good amount of buyers. Posting a message on Craigslist can also attract neighborhood outsiders.

Make Good Clear Signs

Make good signs to advertise your yard sale. I’ve noticed some signs that are too small for drivers to see as they pass by. Others have too much information on them so drivers can’t read them. Others use cardboard and a pen. To make an effective sign you’ll need white paper and a thick black marker. State it’s a yard sale with an arrow pointing the way.

Lower Your Expectations

Don’t expect to get back what you paid for an item. While it may be painful to sell $40 jeans for $5, they are used and no longer fit you. So they are worthless to you. If you don’t sell an item you can donate it afterward. So just be pleased someone gave you some amount of money for it.

Start Your Yard Sale Early

You’ll want your yard sale to be on a Saturday morning into the afternoon. There are people who specialize in yard sale shopping and they’ll want to arrive early to get the best stuff. Don’t start it at 9AM, that’s far too late. Get up early and set your stuff up by 6AM.

Allow Room For Negotiation

Everyone will always want to reduce the sale price of your items. Take that into account when pricing them. So if you’re only willing to sell something for a minimum of $5 make sure to price the item at $8 to leave room for haggling.

If it’s late in the day and there’s an item nobody has expressed interest in and you have a buyer, be more willing to negotiate on the price or you’ll end up keeping it, donating it or throwing it away.

Have A Good Presentation

Display your items on tables and spread them out. Some people don’t like going through junk in boxes. Place your items into sections. Put furniture here, electronics there, clothing over here, etc. The easier you make it to sift through items the better your yard sale will be.

Only Sell Certain Items

Some items naturally sell better at yard sales than at other venues. Food, for example, is not something that is generally sold at yard sales. Don’t try and sell jewelry at a yard sale either, as you won’t get much for them there. If you have electronics for sale, eBay is a better idea than a yard sale. Yet used furniture, books and clothing always do well at yard sales.

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