6 Ways To Score More College Scholarships

6 Ways To Score More College Scholarships

High school students and their parents who are getting ready for college need to find ways to make attending more affordable. If you want to avoid huge student loan debt, scoring more college scholarships can certainly help. Use these six methods below to help you alleviate some of the high costs of higher education.

Start Looking For Scholarship Money ASAP

Although your elementary or middle school aged child probably does not know what they want to be when they grow up, if college is in their future, they can already begin earning scholarships. That’s right, there are scholarships available to even kindergarteners! The earlier you start, the more money he/she will have in place once the day arrives.

Keep The Search Close To Home

National scholarships get more attention and therefore your child will have more competition. Look for local and state scholarships to increase your chances of being selected. Although the larger ones may give more money, multiple local options can add up quickly.

Network With Friends And Family To Find More Scholarships

Family members associated with certain corporations, associations, or organizations may be a doorway to more scholarship opportunities. Ask parents, grandparents, adult siblings, aunts and uncles if they belong to any organizations or work with companies that offer extended family scholarship options.

Also, certain racial, ethnic, religious, and gender designations can likewise bring in money for your continuing education.

Take Part In Extracurricular Activities For More Scholarship Opportunities

Things such as work experience, community activities, sports, academic awards, clubs, and associations may help you get more money for college. Write up a professional-style student resume with all of your activities listed. Not only will this be helpful when you apply to college, but may also help you brainstorm new sources of funding.

Focus On The Colleges And Universities You Wish To Attend

Once the future collegiate is half-way through high school, he or she should begin to compile a list of target schools to apply to in their junior year. See if any of these schools directly offer scholarships to future students. Every college or university has a financial aid office that should be able to tell you all the available scholarships their school offers.

These scholarships may be awarded for various reasons. Search for merit aid, which is given out based on academic excellence, artistic accomplishments, and athletic endeavors. Need-based aid may be available if determined appropriate for your family’s assets and income.

Almost Everything Can Be Done Online

Although making phone calls to associations and universities to discuss financial matters will have to happen, the bulk of your scholarship search can be done online. There are various scholarship search websites online as well as apps for your smartphone or tablet such as Scholarships.com, FastWeb, Scholly and ScholarshipFly. These allow you to save your personal information once and complete multiple scholarship applications at the same time.

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