5 Quick Ways To Boost Your Resume Today

5 Quick Ways To Boost Your Resume Today

Trying to navigate the job market in 2015 is harder but more promising than ever. Finding the right company that fits with your skills can be an almost impossible task.

When it comes to getting the attention of a potential employer your resume is everything. Most people don’t realize the importance of having and updating a professional resume.

Your resume is your first introduction and impression to any potential employers and like your physical appearance should be professional and presentable.

For those who may not no where to begin when it comes to building a resume here are 5 tips to help you boost your resume and get you one step closer to your perfect job.

Stand Out

Your resume is the first glimpse potential employers get of you and how you may or may not fit into their company. A lot of times those seeking employment go with a bland and generic resume just playing it safe. Employers are reading hundreds of resumes so making sure yours stands out could be the difference between getting the job over others.

No Errors

It may surprise you the number of times a perfectly qualified candidate has been denied a position due to spelling and grammatical errors on their resume. Before you submit you resume proof read it at least twice and have it checked by a third party as well. The care you take with your resume is the same type of care potential employers expect you to bring to the job.

Bigger Words Aren’t Always Best

Most people buy into the myth that the bigger the words you use the more impressed employers will be. Although a wide range of vocabulary is a good skill to have employers want to know how well you can perform the tasks assigned to the job, not how many big words you can use. Get your point across but don’t go overboard.

List Your Accomplishments

When it comes to the jobs skills portion of your resume don’t be afraid to list your accomplishments. It is important to list the duties you performed at a previous job, but it is equally if not more important to list your accomplishments. You want employers to know that not only were you assigned these duties, you succeeded going above and beyond in carrying them out.

Cater To The Position/Company For Which You Are Applying

Sending out the same resume to multiple companies is a widely practiced and acceptable strategy. The logic goes “the more resumes I send the better my chances”. This strategy can work but designing your resume around a specific company can boost your chances even more. Let potential employers know that you’ve taken a specific interest in them. Make sure you know the basics of the company such as what they do and how long they’ve been operating. Show they company you’ve done your research and our ready to join their team.

We all know the job market is a tough place to navigate but having the right resume can help immensely.

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