5 Cool Money Apps You Don’t Want To Be Without

5 Cool Money Apps You Don't Want To Be Without

Most people these days are addicted to their smartphones. In today’s society, where we’re constantly on the move and increasingly used to having an uninterrupted stream of information in the palm of our hands, cell phones, or rather, smartphones have become so much more than simple communication devices.

We reply upon them to organize our days, order take out, play games, listen to music, and keep in touch with our friends. But have you thought about putting your smartphone to better use? How about managing your finances instead of playing Candy Crush?

Check out these 5 cool money apps you won’t be able to stop using:

  1. PayPal

Not only is PayPal available online, but there’s a great app for it as well. The world’s easiest way of sending money globally gives you the ability to check your balance and transactions from your phone, send and receive funds, and pay for some types of services. It’s safe, secure and easy to use and you’re certain to find this little money app an invaluable tool.

  1. Saved Plus

Many people have a tough time saving, trying to track their expenses and make a budget accordingly to put some money away for a rainy day. If that includes you, then you might want to check out this app as an easy option for saving money. Saved Plus connects to your bank account and can transfer predetermined percentages of your income directly into your savings account, without you having to do a thing. So for example, if you set your saving percentage at 20% and want to spend $100, Saved Plus will automatically transfer $20 into your savings accounts. Pretty cool, hey?

  1. Mint

If Mint could be summed up in one word, it would be awesome. This outstanding financial app is feature-packed and helps you create a budget, track your expenditure and even sends you updates on both, without you having to request them. This cool little app works by connecting directly to your bank account through its secure online server, so that it can keep tabs on all your spending and categorize the transactions you’ve made, providing you with a pretty good idea of your financial habits. You can also set up notifications when any of your bills are close to being due, so that you’ll never get penalized for late payment again. The only thing missing here is a counterfeit detector for checking your change!

  1. Level Money (no longer active)

Of all the cool money apps listed and reviewed here, Level Money is probably the easiest to use and will appeal to those of you who like simplicity. Everything is easy to check and understand with just a single glance and makes your all your latest transactions available to you. There are some additional benefits as well, including long term predictions on your projected saving and very clear breakdowns of your current financial situation.

  1. Dollarbird

A great way to track your expenditure, Dollarbird is great-looking and easy to use, allowing you to see everything you’ve bought and organize purchases and transactions by date, so that it’s easier to track your spending. You can also edit the information easily with nice, color graphs and charts to help, and you have the additional option of adding payment reminders and setting up recurring transactions, as well as a 5 year projection plan, that allows you to get serious about your finances.

While these great apps aren’t money counting machines to transform you into a millionaire overnight, they’re a great way of using technology to manage your finances on the move and invest the time spent on your smartphone more wisely.

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