3 Employers Who Will Check Your Credit Report

3 Employers Who Will Check Your Credit Report

Many employers are now using your credit report as one factor in determining whether they will hire you. Whether you agree with this or not, it’s the reality we live in. Sure, you’ll have allow them permission to do this, but if they ask and you say no, it throws up a red flag for them that you have something to hide.

We already know most companies will often conduct a thorough background check. They’re looking for things like a history of violent offenses or drug arrests. Hiring someone with a lengthy criminal history makes the company liable to lawsuits for negligent hiring practices.

But now more than ever, employers are asking to see your credit report too. They’re not necessarily looking to see if you paid your cell phone bill on time. Employers are looking to protect themselves against things like theft or embezzlement.

It makes sense that someone who borrows money and doesn’t pay it back is more likely to steal from their employer than someone who has a history of being responsible with money.

If someone has a history of getting loans and not paying them back, bankruptcies and credit card debt, it’s a sign that either the person has no respect for authority, is immoral, is forgetful and/or is just plain irresponsible. All the characteristics of a person that an employer doesn’t want on their payroll.

Whether you are reliable person is difficult to ascertain from a resumé. If you have a bad credit score it indicates you’re not organized and don’t follow rules in your personal life.

Here are 3 jobs where you need great credit to get hired.

Finance Jobs

When you deal with money on a daily basis, odds are your employer is going to want you to have a good credit score, make that a great credit score.

Working at a bank or in the finance industry, you are often times tasked with helping others with their finances. If you are offering any sort of financial advice to customers, you really need to have great credit.

This includes jobs like an accountant, loan officer and of course a certified financial planner.

Management Positions

If you’re going to be handling the company’s finances, you better have a solid credit profile.

Mid level managers are sometimes tasked with creating budgets and trimming expenses. If you can’t even control your own personal budget, odds are you won’t do such a good job with the company’s budget either.

CIA, FBI and Secret Service

You need to be fiscally sound to work in these sensitive departments of government. Not only will your credit be checked, but you will undergo plenty more scrutiny.

The government isn’t going to want to hire someone who has problems with debt. They’ll be more stressed and could be bribed in exchange for information. Someone in this line of work needs to show they are responsible and dependable, something that a credit report may give insight to.

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