11 Smart Ways To Save On Furniture Costs

11 Smart Ways To Save On Furniture Costs

Whether you’ve recently bought a new home or you’re simply remodeling the one you’ve got, new furniture is a huge part of the decorating budget. Fortunately, finding great deals on new furniture is easy and you can create a beautiful room without breaking your budget.

Here are 11 smart ways you can save on your next furniture purchase.

Reupholster What You Already Have

Reupholstering and refinishing your existing furniture can easily breathe new life into old furniture. If you don’t mind the size and shape of your furniture, changing the color or cushions of your sofa and chair can give you a new look and feel.

Whether you do the work yourself or hire someone, you’re bound to save money over buying all new sets.

Use Craigslist

While it’s maybe not your number 1 choice for furniture, Craigslist can be a great resource for scoring high-quality goods on the cheap. Make sure you factor in the effort of loading and delivering it yourself, the price of cleaning and and any repairs when you negotiate a cost and go from there.

Hit Up Yard Sales

If people near you are moving far away, they may be having a yard sale to get rid of the large items they don’t plan on bringing along. Local moving sales are a great way to score furniture at huge discounts.

Swap Furniture With Others

If you want to redecorate for zero money, try swapping furniture items with someone else to re-invent your space. You can do the swap online through a site like Craigslist or you can hold a swap amongst friends.

Visit Thrift Stores

Go to thrift stores or consignment stores that carry furniture and browse through their selection to see if you can get a great deal on a vintage piece. Yes, it may be used, but it’s new to you at least. Just be sure to clean and disinfect your new items.

Go To The Right Furniture Store

If used furniture’s not your thing, you can still save money by buying from a discount furniture store. Do a search in your area to find local stores or ask your friends and neighbors. Yelp is a good place to start your search. Just look for stores that have good reviews and one or two $’s in the listing.

Store-Closing Sales

When furniture stores close, they always try to sell off any remaining pieces at a deeply discounted price. If you have a struggling furniture store near you, keep an eye on the storefront to watch out for closing or going out of business sales.

Try Wholesale

If you have a wholesaler nearby you can find items wholesale prices. Be prepared though – inventory changes frequently and many wholesalers don’t offer delivery services.

Shop Sales

There are times throughout the year when stores will hold huge sales to clear out inventory. Sometimes this coincides with the holidays, but other times it’s completely random.

If you can wait a bit, here are the times when furniture stores hold their biggest sales:

  • Presidents Day in February
  • Memorial Day in May
  • Fourth Of July
  • Labor Day in September
  • Black Friday in November

Haggle Over Prices

When it comes to furniture, you’re allowed to haggle just like when you buy a used car. Even if you’re buying it new, the store can likely lower the price enough to make the sale.

If you want to haggle, just ask if the price can go any lower and don’t seem too eager to purchase the product either. Want a great negotiation tactic? Just leave. Before you hit the door you’ll get their absolute lowest price.

Price Match It

A lot of furniture stores are offering price matching, which is great for consumers. Price matching allows you to purchase the item at your preferred store for a better price than what is listed on the shelf. Some stores may even price match online ads too.

If you find an item you want on sale somewhere and the store charges a $100 delivery fee, you could go to a different store with free delivery and see if they’ll match the sale price. That way you’ll get the best deal and free delivery.

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