10 Ways To Save Every Day

10 Ways To Save Every Day

Almost everyone wishes they could save more money, and with a few simple changes to your daily routine you can cut back on your spending and pocket the difference. Saving just a few dollars a day adds up over the course of a year. So what better time to start than now. Read on to discover 10 simple ways you can save money every day.

1. Coffee

Skip the latte and opt instead for a cup of coffee at home. Advances in kitchen electronics has made it possible to make coffee house quality beverages right in your own home. While the machine itself may be pricey, you’ll quickly recoup your investment as you make your frothy drinks for pennies on the dollar. Save even more money by buying your espresso machine or coffee maker used at a thrift shop or tag sale.

2. Clothing

Be your own dry cleaner. Many garments that claim to be dry clean only can really be washed by hand with Woolite, and tumble dried with low or no heat, or hung outside on a clothesline. Doing your own dry cleaning just 50% of the time can add up to some impressive savings. Don’t even put your clothes in the dryer, as that can rip up your electricity bills.

3. Garden

Grow a garden. Growing your own vegetables can save you tons of money on your grocery bill. The catch is that gardening takes time and you have to eat whatever is in season. If you don’t mind having green beans every other night, and you can spare a couple hours to weed and pick, you can enjoy the best tasting vegetables of your life, while slimming your grocery bill down considerably.

4. Television

Turn off the TV. Instead of watching TV at night, read a book or play a board game. You’ll be amazed at how much you can do by simply not watching TV. After a while, you may find that you don’t even need cable. Canceling your cable subscription and saving money on electricity will add up to be hundreds of dollars or more per year.

5. Sewing

Learn to sew. If you know how to sew, you can make your own curtains, table linens, slipcovers and more. You can also patch holes in clothing instead of throwing it out. Knowing how to sew is a skill that can save you tons of money throughout the year, plus it’s just a handy thing to know.

6. Chickens

Keep chickens in your backyard. While this isn’t ideal for everyone, keeping chickens and allowing them to roam around your yard to feed is a great way to save money. Not only will you eliminate the need for pesticides (chickens eat ticks, mosquitos, grubs, and other harmful pests), you’ll also get dozens of free fresh eggs. Chickens require little more than a coop and some comfy nesting places for most of the year, but in the winter you’ll need to supply them with a heat light and feed unless you live in a warm area.

7. Showers

Take shorter showers. Turning off the tap a couple minutes earlier than you would like to can yield significant savings on your water bill. Besides that, you’ll also help conserve water, which is always appreciated.

8. Errands

Plan your errands so they can be done all at once. Make a list of where you need to go and map out your route so you can do all of your errands together. That way, you’ll only need to drive around once instead of several times, saving gas. Only running errands once not only saves you money on gas, it also saves you time.

9. Public Transportation

Use public transportation whenever possible or carpool with coworkers. Driving your car not only costs you money in gas, it also costs you money in repairs and upkeep. The more miles you drive, the more frequently you need to have your oil changed, and the faster you will approach your major mile services, which can be expensive. Some insurance companies also base their rates on the distance you drive, so cutting back on your time behind the wheel can also help save you money.

10. Use Cash

Use cash instead of credit. Just by using cash you can save a significant amount of money. Why? Because people see cash for what it is – money. People often don’t think about how much they are charging, and the only thing stopping you from spending more is your own willpower, which sometimes isn’t the best deterrent. With cash, you can only spend as much as you have in your pocket and not a penny more.

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