Why You Should Have Your Own Garden

The last several decades there have been changes in how we grow our fruits and vegetables. Now we’re seeing production on a very large scale and the use of pesticides, hormones and chemical fertilizers. As a result, these once safe and healthy foods aren’t so safe nor healthy any longer. There is a solution though.

You can plant your own garden. Then and only then will you be sure that the fruits and vegetables that you and your family eat are healthy and safe.

Here now are a 6 reasons you why you should grow your own garden.

Your Vegetables Will Not Be Genetically Modified

The food industry uses hormones to make veggies bigger and to grow more of them. This is done to make them more money, putting their profit ahead of your health.

Grow your own veggies and, while they may be smaller, they will be healthier.

Your Vegetables Will Have No Pesticides

Forget buying organic goods when you can simply grow your own. You can sleep well knowing that you and your family is safe since you know exactly where your food is coming from and how it was made.

Because Gardens Are Beautiful

Back yards usually consist of grass and flowers. While that may be attractive, it doesn’t really benefit you.

Instead, use that space and fill it with beautiful and delicious red tomatoes. Plant some sunflower plants. Add some color and you’ll have a beautiful and productive yard.

It Will Save You Money

By growing your own garden you’ll save money and trips to the grocery store. You can also give some away to friends and family. If your garden is truly fruitful you can go to a local farmers market and sell your goods for cash.

You Will Be Healthier

When you eat more fruits and vegetables you’ll be healthier. Having your own garden will motivate you to eating healthier since you’ll have so many to eat and you wouldn’t want any to go to waste.

Because You Do Have Enough Room

If you think you can’t have your own garden because you don’t have the room for it, yet you have an area in your back yard that is full of grass, then you have room to plant a garden. What’s the point of having the grass? Grass requires water and needs mowing every week yet does not provide you with anything of value.

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