Why Bankruptcy Should Always Be A Last Resort

Many struggle with debt for many years of their life. They live on a financial cliff, just barely making ends meet. One extra expense added to their budget could send them toppling into a financial oblivion. For some, they are able to pay down their debts through a very difficult process of watching every dollar they earn and spend carefully. This scrutiny of their finances may extend for years, but ultimately they may be successful in their efforts.

Others, however, do experience that added financial hardship that pushes them over the edge and forces them into bankruptcy. The fact is that many people make the decision to file for bankruptcy too soon. There are other options available that can and should be considered before you get to this point. Here are a few of them.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Through the process of consolidating your credit cards into a single loan, you may enjoy significant benefits. This process typically results in lower monthly payments and an expedited debt repayment process. Because it does lower monthly payments in most cases, it can provide individuals who are struggling financially with that extra breathing room they need in their budget. Further, it can establish a payment plan for debt elimination in a matter of years. This is a way to get out of debt without damaging your credit score.

Debt Settlement

Another option to consider is debt settlement. Through this process, you typically will work with a professional negotiator who will negotiate a rapid reduction in your account balances. Further, he or she can also negotiate improved payment terms, making the remaining debt that you owe to creditors easier to pay off. While this option can affect your credit rating, the effects are typically far less significant as filing for bankruptcy may be. Further, this method can provide you with rapid relief from your financial situation by reducing debt balances as well as monthly payments.

Why Bankruptcy Is a Last Resort

When you speak to a debt attorney about this process, you may learn that you can enjoy relief from creditors and collections agencies that are knocking on your door and calling your home relentlessly in an effort to collect payments from you. However, through this process, your credit scores will be severely damaged. This is perhaps the most significant step you can take toward debt elimination, and the effects on your credit rating can last for many years into the future. Keep in mind that your credit rating will affect your ability to apply for most types of loans in the future. It may also affect your ability to rent a home and to get a new job.

Nobody wants to struggle with debt. Debt balances can be very difficult to pay off, and it may seem like your account balances only grow with time rather than decrease. When faced with financial hardship, you may be inclined to seek out the most significant form of relief available.

However, there are other options available like debt settlement that can provide relief without severely damaging your credit rating. If you are interested in exploring the options in more detail, consider contacting a reputable debt settlement company to learn more. The steps you take today to eliminate debt can help you to improve your financial situation and get back on your feet again.

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  1. I have to say that debt consolidation worked for me. I was $25,000 dollars in debt. It took four years, but I paid every single penny of it off. However, the only way I was able to do it was because not only did the interest rate lower, but also, I was not using the cards anymore. You basically need to tear up the cards and start paying with cash if you want to get high balances paid off.

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