Are US families giving up the simple pleasures in their life to save for the health care?

Well, as they say, “health is wealth”, the families in the USA are taking it quite seriously. The unexpected medical emergencies and the hefty medical care bills are daunting; almost every family in the USA, and thus, people can be seen sacrificing some of the pleasures of their life in order to save for their health care.

Health care is important and thus, it is vital to ensure that you upkeep a good health while keeping yourself at a distance from the diseases. But, as the stress in our day to day life is increasing, and the way our lifestyle is changing, there are more cases of illnesses and health issues than ever before. The health issues demand premium health care, and it takes a lot of money to get cured from a serious illness. Also, no one knows that when a medical emergency may arise. This is why; more people are saving a significant chunk of their monthly earnings for taking care of the health care expenses at any stage of their life.

How people are sacrificing their life’s pleasures to save money for health care?

Health care is an imperative aspect of our lives, and it’s important to get the right treatment when required so that any bigger health issues can be avoided. But, owing to the rising cost of the health care expenses and the medical treatments, the people are seriously worried about how to take care of their health care expenses, especially in the older age when they would not be earning anymore.

The families who are eligible for Obamacare feel that they are lucky, as they have escaped the burden of making colossal savings to meet the medical expenses which may arise due to any sort of medical emergency anytime. Some of the people work two jobs only to afford the healthcare, while there are some people who make significant sacrifices to save money for their health care needs.

Recently, Coupon Dash, an online discounts, and coupons website conducted an online survey to find out that how people are gathering funds for their health care and for meeting up the expenses of their children’s college education. Here are the major findings of the survey:

Over 50% people do not eat out and sacrifice their meals out so that they can save money for the other important expenses.

Nearly half of the 1000 families which were surveyed admitted that they do not buy new clothes or gadgets, as they can be quite expensive and due to those expenses, they might not be able to put some funds in their savings account.

Over one fourth of families give up the idea of vacationing and takeaways so that they do not get distracted from their goal of saving money.

But, Coupon Dash has come up with an amazing solution for these families. Through the Coupon Dash, the people can fetch coupons offering lucrative discounts and deals. This implies that they can enjoy some moments in their life, indulge in shopping and yet save money.

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