Top 4 Apps For Aspiring Couponers


You use your smartphone for everything nowadays. You check your email, get directions, send a text message, go on Facebook, oh and of course to make phone calls. But do you use your smartphone to save you money? Well you can with couponing apps.

No longer do you need to grab the Sunday paper or peruse your junk mail to look for coupons to clip. Those days are long gone. You can play the couponing game just by using your new Samsung, Droid or iPhone.

To help save you money here are the top 4 coupon apps.

Retail Me Not

This is by far my favorite site for finding discounts because they have just about every retailer who offers discounts online listed. Most of the deals available at Retail Me Not are coupons per se, but rather are coupon or promo codes.

With these codes you can go to any online retailer and enter the code during checkout. Most stores have a section to enter a discount code. You can get everything from free shipping to 20% off with these promo codes.


Yowza is a free app for your smartphone (Android or iOS) that finds local coupons wherever you are. You can browse the deals and when you find a coupon you like, you can save the coupon.

When you go to the store you can show the coupon to the cashier. You don’t need to print the coupon, the cashier just needs to scan the barcode from your smartphone.

Grocery Smarts

If you want to take couponing to another level use this app free smartphone app. What this app does is analyze the deals offered by popular stores such as Walmart, Sears, KMart and Target. Then they compare the prices to help find you the best deal.

You can also forget about buying the Sunday paper just for the coupons because this nifty app will help you find and grab the coupons found in the paper. You can then choose to email and then print out the coupons yourself to use in the stores.


If you’re nostalgic about couponing and still prefer to clip coupons, you can still choose to do that. But why would you want to take all those papers to the store? What a mess. Some are different sizes and could get bent, ripped or even blown away in the wind.

With the SnipSnap app you can scan (take a picture) of each paper coupon, thus giving you a digital copy. But it’s different than just using the camera function to take pics of your coupons. This app can also remind you when your coupons will expire soon.

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