Top 3 Secret Places To Find Online Coupons


If you want to save a lot of money online, you have to do a little bit of legwork. Sure, you can go to the ‘usual suspects’ of e-commerce savings-price comparison engines and big online retailers. But if you really want to get juicy savings, you have to get off the beaten path.

The truth is that there are many online coupons floating around that pack quite a bit of savings. Many of these are well-kept secrets and are worth your time and effort chasing down. The good news is that, thanks to the increasingly social nature of the internet  it doesn’t have to take too much time or effort or brainpower on your part to successfully chase down some great online coupons.

Many specialized online retailers wish to reward certain small online communities for their support and loyalty. That is why some of these coupons offer savings you don’t get from regular coupons. With that said, many of these coupons are thought of by small communities as their ‘private’ possession that they don’t really spread the word about these coupons. What a shame. Good thing you can follow the tips below to track them down and take advantage of their savings.

Online Forums

For too many online coupon hunters, the usual suspects they go to for hot coupons are websites and blogs. This is a great strategy if these were the only places deal hunters and online savers hang out. The truth is, online forums and message boards can be better sources of coupons since many of these places have members who make it their personal mission to post the latest and greatest online coupons. Also, some forums have specialty sections that list coupons you can’t find elsewhere.

Twitter Feeds

Twitter is a real time snapshot of people’s thoughts in any given timeframe. People can get excited about coupons or they might be announcing their company’s coupon launch. Whatever it is, you get real quick information and all this is searchable. Use Twitter’s search engine to look for tweets regarding the product you want to save on. You just might strike coupon gold.

Facebook Fan Pages

Many companies build Facebook fan pages to act as social gateways to their users and fans the world over. They make announcements regarding product launches, upgrades, and updates using Facebook pages. Many of these announcements involve promotions and when there are promotions, there sometimes discount coupons involved. It doesn’t hurt to check out Facebook pages to see if you can a great discount coupon you can’t find elsewhere.

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