For Thoughtful Brides: Top Ways to Help Your Bridesmaids Save Some Money

There’s no getting around it, just about every part of a wedding is expensive, and not only if you’re the bride. Bridesmaids have to invest a considerable amount of money too, from the wedding out fit to the bridal shower and the bachelorette party; each bridesmaid could be spending and average of $1,500. So it would be great if your friends could save some money at your wedding. Here’s how you can help them.

Consider Pre-owned Dresses

One way you can help your bridesmaids save a considerable amount of money is by suggesting they buy a pre-owned bridesmaid dress. These are once-worn quality made dresses with between 40 and 60 percent off retail prices. Not only are the kind to your pocket, it’s also a way to be kind to the planet. If you want to see a great selection of pre-owned dresses you can find out more here.

Be Flexible with Shoe Options

Keep footwear flexible and just pick a color or a style, like open-toed sandal. Let the girls choose their own shoes or wear shoes that they already have. This will allow them to personalize their outfit a little more and give them control over how much they spend on the shoes.

Combine your Wedding Shower/Bachelorette Party

This can be another big saving, especially if you and your entourage are travelling out of town, then you’ll only have to pay for one flight. You groom and his groomsmen can plan to go out of town for their bachelor party on the same night, and everyone can get home in plenty of time to recover for the wedding.

Make your Bridesmaid Gift Part of the Wedding Preparation

Instead of buying a post-wedding gift for your bridesmaids, opt to pay for one of their expenses, like their dress, a night at the wedding hotel, or their hair and makeup for the wedding day. They are sure to appreciate you help in any way possible. You could also make their gift an accessory such as a broach or bracelet that they can all wear at the wedding.

Forgo Their Wedding Gifts

Your bridesmaids have already spent a good chunk of money on their outfit, hair and makeup, plane ticket, accommodation, and bachelorette party, so the least you can do is let them off for a wedding gift. It they are insistent then suggest they buy one between them.

Of course you want all your friends and family to be a part of your special day, but remember, being a bridesmaid is a responsible task and takes up a lot of time and money, so don’t just assume your friends will accept to take on the role, and don’t be disappointed if they turn you down. Make sure that they understand you won’t hold it against them if they can’t be your bridesmaid. If they do agree, keep in touch with on a regular basis to make sure that it’s not becoming too overwhelming for them.  

Eve Coleman is a wedding planner. She has a ton of tips to share with brides and does this online through her articles.

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