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How To Break Your Credit Card Addiction


It might seem like we are stating the obvious but people do get addicted to credit cards. Just like any addiction, credit card shopping addiction can be broken. You just have to be methodical and strategic about it. If you try to break your habit without getting a full understanding of how it works and what triggers it, you might actually be causing more harm than good since you are

Impulse Purchases


Often times the worst purchases you make are impulse buys. The reason for this is quite obvious, you haven’t thought about it enough to make an educated decision on it. So what you should do is to hold off on that purchase for a bit. Go home and think about it, let a few days go by. It’s possible that half of the time you’ll forget all about it or

Stay Out Of Debt While Christmas Shopping


While shopping in my local department store, I overheard a worried conversation in the checkout lane about Christmas spending. A sudden fear gripped me for a minute and I had to pull out my phone to check the date. Not even October, yet—phew.
And yet, the worry those two shoppers expressed is not uncommon, even this early in the year. Many people start their Christmas shopping as early as October,

Shopping Without Breaking The Bank


We’ve all said it before: “I’ve got nothing to wear”. Yet you’re most likely staring at a closet full of clothing and credit card bills full of charges. Obviously there’s something wrong here. The answer isn’t to buy more clothing, as that would run up your debts. But the answer isn’t to boycott the mall altogether either.
If you shop smartly you can save money while still stocking up your

Save On Groceries


- When you go to the grocery store, stock up and buy in bulk. Typically, the larger the box, the cheaper the cost per ounce. Also, the temptation to go out and eat food is greatly reduced when you have a fridge full of food.
- Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. When you’re hungry you’re more likely to buy what’s delicious at that moment instead of just what

Checking Out At The Grocery Store


Keep your eyes peeled when it’s time to checkout at the grocery store. It’s now common knowledge that “errors” happen all the time when the clerk is ringing your items up. How often do you pay attention to it though? While you might seem annoying to the clerk and the people waiting in line, it’s best to keep a look out for the price of each product scanned and let

Save On Electronic Purchases


If you do most of your shopping for electronics at stores like Target, Best Buy or Radio Shack, you’re getting ripped off. When you buy something here, you’re getting it at full blown retail value. These companies have countless big stores throughout the country, massive advertising campaigns and they pay commissions on their sales too. So as you expect their prices can’t be as competitive as online only stores. My

Where To Find The Best Deals Online


You all know about sites like Amazon, eBay, Overstock and Buy.com. These are popular online sites where you can find amazing deals on just about anything. But there’s a few others out there that you may not have heard of yet.
- PriceGrabber.com. This is a shopping comparison site with an easy to use interface. It’s one of the most popular ones.
- Nextag.com. This shopping comparison site usually has