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Money Saving Methods For University Students


The cost of a four year college education is going through the roof. States are slashing budgets and schools are forced into raising tuition rates to keep their universities running.
So what better time than now to discuss several money saving methods for university students. Follow the tips in this post to keep some more money in your pocket.
Saving money will net you a few bucks here and

Stop Throwing Your Food Away


If you’re a frugal type of person then you hate throwing things away. Most things should be used, recycled, given or sold. This applies to food as well. Say you’ve gone to the grocery store, bought things on sale, used coupons wisely, bought in bulk and ended up saving big bucks. Then you come home and a couple of weeks later you find yourself throwing away food. There go your

Save On Groceries


- When you go to the grocery store, stock up and buy in bulk. Typically, the larger the box, the cheaper the cost per ounce. Also, the temptation to go out and eat food is greatly reduced when you have a fridge full of food.
- Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. When you’re hungry you’re more likely to buy what’s delicious at that moment instead of just what