Stop Throwing Your Food Away


Most things should be used, recycled, given or sold. This applies to food as well. Say you’ve gone to the grocery store, bought things on sale, used coupons wisely, bought in bulk and ended up saving big bucks. Then you come home and a couple of weeks later you find yourself throwing away food. There go your savings – straight in the trash can.

How can this be avoided? Just follow these 5 tips to reduce your food waste.

Don’t Buy In Bulk

Everyone talks about buying in bulk like it’s some sort of a great thing. But it’s only a good idea if you use everything you buy. To make sure things won’t spill, instead purchase small amounts more frequently. Instead of buying a whole bunch of bananas, avocados and tomatoes, only buy what you plan on eating in the next few days.

Yes this means you’ll have to make more trips to the grocery store, but it will also mean you won’t end up with rotten fruits/veggies anymore.

Use The Freezer

Food left out will spoil soon. To prevent this (or at least slow it down) from happening, place these items in the fridge and they will last longer. If you want your items to last even longer, keep it in the freezer and you’ll be able to eat it weeks, if not months, later.

You can store bananas, avocados and bread in the fridge to help keep them from spoiling before you’ve had a chance to enjoy them.

Sharing Is Caring

Got some extra food? Instead of letting it spoil, share it with your friends, family and neighbors. They will appreciate the gesture and if they’ve overstocked on something in the future they will hopefully want to return the favor and share it with you.

Take Home Leftovers

When you go out to a restaurant, they usually serve an absurd amount of food. Instead of sitting there trying to eat all of it, eat enough so you’re full and take the rest home. It’ll give you an additional meal to eat the next day. If you’re a light eater, split it into three separate portions and really get a good bang for your buck.

Store Your Food Smartly

When you store food in the fridge, place it in clear packaging so you can clearly see what’s inside. Sometimes you put items in a container and nobody in the house knows what’s in it. So the days go by and before you know it, it’s gone bad.

Place the food that will spoil first in the front of the refrigerator where it’s most visible. It’s common to forget about items wrapped in foil in the rear of the refrigerator.

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  1. [email protected]

    Now a days I am buying less food to make my dollar stretch. But even then food can go to waste. The restaurant tip is right on. Most meals you can divide in half and eat at home. Some are so big I have made 3 meals out of it. Thanks for the god tips.

    1. Edwin @ Save The Bills

      And you get healthier too, can’t beat that.

  2. Jon

    The amount of food that is wasted is shocking. I used to wash up in a restaurant, we would throw out enough food to feed a small village every night – that is not an exaggeration! 100 people order 3 courses each and leave something in each course will generally feed a 100 people for a day!


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