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Each year the amount of Americans who shop online continues to increase. Black Friday madness has a little brother now, Cyber Monday. One of the most appealing things about shopping online is the ability to think a decision through in the peace and quiet of your own home, rather than at the store in front of a pushy sales person.

One of the drawbacks of online shopping is that it is so simple to buy things. So simple in fact that you can overspend. After all, you’re using a credit card and retailers make making purchases online an extremely simple process.

While I can’t help you reduce the amount of things you buy online, I can however tell you three ways you can save money while shopping online.

Use Coupon Codes

Most online retailers have a “coupon code” box at checkout. Before you buy anything online, do a search online for a promo code. You can find promo codes one of two ways. You can go to and do a search for the store you’re looking for.

The other way is to do a Google search for “Store Name”+”Coupon Code”. Most of the time you can save about 10% using a coupon code. One a $100 item, that’s $10 off.

Use Gift Cards

People receive gift cards every year during the holidays. Often times people end up receiving gift cards for stores they do not shop at. What they can do is sell their gift cards at sites like, and

What you can do is buy these gift cards at a discounted price. By doing so, you can find a $100 gift card for only $90. That’s another $10 off.

Comparison Shop

If you’ve found something you really want, don’t click on Add To Cart just yet. Note the price and shipping cost of the item. You’ll want to compare prices first. When doing comparison shopping, you have several options. One is to go to and look for the item. Another option is to use eBay (you can find new items there too). But the best option is to go to

Search for the name/model number of the item you’re researching. Then click on the Shopping tab. From there you can sort by price and find a retailer selling the exact same item for a lower price. You can typically save 10% by purchasing your item from a lesser known online-only store. On a $100 purchase that’s another $10 savings.

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