Save Money, Save The Environment – Part I

It feels great to save money, but it feels even better to save money while simultaneously helping the environment. There’s a few items that you may regularly use that may not be so eco-friendly. If you can manage to replace these items with a greener option you’ll end up keeping some more green in your wallet too. Here now are a list of items you should avoid using.

Plastic bags

You go to the store and you see it happen all the time, the person bagging your items places one item per bag and you leave the store with a whole bunch of plastic bags. Since you have no use for all these bags you simply throw them away. These bags end up in a landfill and take hundreds of years to decompose. Paper bags are recyclable yet require trees be cut down for them. The solution is reusable bags. They’re pretty cheap and you can use them over and over again. Keep them in your car and go to the store with them empty and walk out with them full. You’ll save the store some money and you’ll help save the environment too.


It’s unbelievable that we are still using fuel to power our vehicles. The cost is out of our country’s hands and our whole economy relies on it. In fact, the economy and the whole country would collapse if we ran out of oil tomorrow. You can make a vote for change with your wallet. Purchase a fuel efficient vehicle or an electric car. Depending on how much you drive you can easily save a hundred bucks a month in gas costs alone and the environment will appreciate it too.

Paper towels

Instead of using and then throwing away paper towels, get reusable towels. This way you can use them to clean, wash them and use them again and again.

Printer cartridges

When your printer runs out of ink the firs thing many of us do is buy a replacement cartridge and throw the old one away. There is a better strategy. Instead of buying the cartridges over and over again, just buy the ink. It’s much cheaper that way.

Ziplock bags

I understand it’s extremely convenient to place items in these bags. They’re see-through, they’re cheap, they preserve your food and they’re lightweight. But it’s still plastic you’re using and throwing away. Instead, place your leftover foods or lunches on the go in tupperware. If you can’t cut ziplock bags out completely, consider reusing most of them.

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  1. Greg D

    I use ziplock bags and always wash and reuse them. Just bought one box and have never needed to buy a second one. Still got a bunch of new ones left.

  2. Delilah Armstrong

    Be green and save green, I like it..


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