3 Ways To Mentally Overcome Overspending


Let’s face it – you like to spend money. I like to spend money. We all like to spend money. You wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t. Let’s be honest now, doesn’t it feel good to spot something you like and line up at the cashier, whip out your credit card, and buy something new? Doesn’t it relieve stress and make you feel better about your day or

4 Things You Should Know About 529 Plans


The 529 plan is one of the most popular college savings plans available and there’s a good reason for that. First, the plans are low-maintenance. Second, they offer tax advantages that can help offset your tax burden and third, they have a lower impact on a student’s financial aid eligibility than other types of plans.
However, 529 plans are complex and sometimes choosing the right one for your needs can

Top 4 Apps For Aspiring Couponers


You use your smartphone for everything nowadays. You check your email, get directions, send a text message, go on Facebook, oh and of course to make phone calls. But do you use your smartphone to save you money? Well you can with couponing apps.
No longer do you need to grab the Sunday paper or peruse your junk mail to look for coupons to clip. Those days are long gone.

Never Again Spend Money On These 6 Things


Spending money is a way of life. But it stinks to have to keep spending money left and right when you want to save up for something big. But you don’t have to waste money on every little part of your life. You are spending money foolishly without even knowing it if you spend money on any of these 6 things.
Bank Fees
Many banks are now charging a fee

Top Three Signs Of Credit Score Scam Sites


The internet is full of scams. Don’t have any illusions about this; you only need to read through your spam folder to know what I’m talking about. There are just so many scams and deals that are too good to be true floating around on the internet. They are traps for people who aren’t paying attention.
You should probably already know, credit scores impact most aspects of your life –

Throw the Dog a Budget: Keeping Pet Costs Down


It’s fair to say that, as a nation, we love our pets. According to PFMA figures, 48% of British households have at least one pet, and the UK is home to a whopping 8 million dogs, 8 million cats, 1 million guinea pigs and over half a million hamsters. That’s quite a lot of mouths to feed and paws to clean! However, as any pet owner will tell you, nothing

Top 3 Ways To Boost Your Credit Score


Whenever you apply for an apartment or credit at a department store or take out a loan, your credit score pops up again and again. Just like your social security number, your credit score is something that tracks you for the rest of your life. In fact, in the eyes of lending companies and banks, your credit score is part of your identity.
If you haven’t been exactly religious in

4 Ways To Save Money On Pet Care


As the recession hit, animal shelters throughout the country saw the number of incoming pets soar. Pet owners found themselves unable to care for their furry friends which led many to reluctantly abandon their animals to shelters. Read these 4 tips on saving on pet care in case tough times ever strike and you find yourself needing to minimize expenses without sacrificing your best friend.
Take advantage of town-sponsored clinics