Money Saving Methods For University Students

The cost of a four year college education is going through the roof. States are slashing budgets and schools are forced into raising tuition rates to keep their universities running.

So what better time than now to discuss several money saving methods for university students. Follow the tips in this post to keep some more money in your pocket.


Saving money will net you a few bucks here and there. But if you really want to have some money while you’re in college you are going to need to find a job. The type of job you can get while in college is probably going to be a part time job with low pay and little to no benefits. But a little bit of money is better than nothing.

If you find that working during the school year is not possible due to your class schedule, get a summer job and save all that money because you’re going to need it next semester.


One of the biggest expenses (other than tuition and rent) that college students have is food. It doesn’t seem like you spend much on it because it’s always just a few bucks per meal, but it really adds up. That three to four dollars per meal adds up to about $450 per month.

To save money on food don’t eat at fancy restaurants and stick to the cheapest (yet still healthy) food you can find. Something like Subway with their $3 sandwiches. When you do eat elsewhere take home the leftovers and you’ll save money on food the next day.

Work IN Food

As a university student you need to make money as well as save money. We discussed how you need to find a part time job and you need to save money on food. What better way than to combine the two.

Work at a fast food joint or a local college restaurant. By doing so, the cooks can hook you up with free leftovers to eat during your lunch break or even to take home. If you can’t get that connection done, then at least you’ll get heavily discounted meals.

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