Lowering Your Utility Bills

The vast majority of your household bills consist of the monthly utility expenses. And those expenses really add up. For the year, you may end up spending $500 each on your gas, water and electricity bills. If you’re living on a tight budget you might think you can’t eliminate any of your utility expenses. Well, that’s right, but you can however lower the amount you pay on your utilities. So if you’re looking for ways to reduce your expenses, don’t ignore the monthly utility bills and read on for helpful tips on how to lower your utility bills.

Energy Efficient Appliances

If you’re due for a new fridge, washer or dryer, invest in one with a good energy star rating. If your current ones are old you may want to consider upgrading now. Paying a few extra bucks now on one now will save you hundreds of dollars over the life of the item.

Home Heating

The purpose of the heater is to heat up your home so your home is livable in the winter. The purpose of it is not to turn winter into summer. So don’t set up the thermostat so high if you don’t have to. Have a well insulated home and have energy efficient windows. Wear warm clothing in the day and warm covers at night so you don’t have to keep the thermostat so high.


If you have a cell phone you probably don’t need a home phone anymore. With a cell phone you don’t have to pay extra to not appear in the yellow pages, for caller ID and for long distance. With many carriers offering unlimited minutes between family members and/or users from the same carrier, plus unlimited nights and weekends, you may not need a plan with too many “anytime minutes”. You can also communicate for free via Skype using your wifi connection at home with other Skype users.


You’ve heard it all before but it bears repeating. If you switch your light bulbs to energy saving ones, you will save money. These bulbs use about 11 watts instead of 60 watts. Not only that but they last much longer too. Now they’ve got bulbs that turn on very bright instantly so there are no good excuses not to make the switch.

Water Bill

While it may be easier to save on electricity than on water, it is still possible. The easy way is to just use less of it. You’ll use less water by washing the dishes yourself rather than using the dishwasher. If you’re going to use the dishwasher, make sure you have a lot of dishes in there, not just a few. When you do wash the dishes, don’t leave the water running while you’re adding soap. Apply the same principle during your own showers. Finally, you’ll want to fix any leaky water faucets, as each wasted drip is costing you money.

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