Keeping Your Gaming Hobby On A Budget

Playing video games is actually an economical way to entertain yourself. It sure is cheaper than going to watch movies, sports games or concerts. But if you’re not wise with your video game habit it can get pretty expensive. If you’re not careful, before you know it you’ll have a myriad of video game systems and a whole bunch of old games collecting dust on your shelf.

Here are 5 useful tips on how to make your video game hobby more affordable.

Buy Used Games

I could understand not wanting to buy used clothing or a used couch. But what’s wrong with buying a used game? Brand new games are expensive. Instead, go on eBay and look for used games to purchase. You can easily save 35% off the retail price. Once you pop in the CD you’ll realize it’s exactly like buying a new game.

Comparison Shop

Video games and video game systems are sold at thousands of places online. Who cares if you end up buying it from a small electronics shop across the country? It doesn’t matter as long as it’s the same one you’d get at your local Best Buy.

Go on Google and search for whatever game or system you’re looking for. Buy it with PayPal or your credit card to ensure you’re protected. If you don’t get your item, you’ll get your money back so there’s no risk.

Share Your Games

You can share and trade games with your friends if you’re bored of one of your older games. You can only do this online. Sites like allow you to sell your used games and use the credit to buy a game from someone else in the marketplace selling theirs.

Sell Your Games

What’s the point of accumulating a large collection of video games? If you no longer play a game anymore, sell it and let someone else enjoy it. Make it a habit to never buy a new game until you’ve sold one of your older ones.

You can sell your games on eBay. Set up an auction at $0.99 with no reserve and let the eBay community determine how much each game is worth.

Rent Games Instead Of Buying Them

Sometimes you buy a game and realize it’s either too easy, too difficult or just not for you. But since you opened it and used it, you can’t return it. Other games you truly enjoy, but play them so much you already got bored of them.

Instead, rent the game first. If you still enjoy the game after a few days, return it and then go buy it. By doing this, you’ll avoid making costly mistakes buying games you’re not sure you’re going to like.

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  1. Jefferson

    Great tips..
    I consider myself a budget gamer.

    I like your idea for selling a game before you buy one.. I have done something similar for years.


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