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Whether global warming is happening and whether humans are involved is something that we can debate with our friends until the cows come home, but we can all benefit from energy saving measures whether this means slowing global warming or not. It’s probably true that the truth about global warming is best left to scientists to assess – but even householders can benefit from technologies used to combat global warming. What this means is that going green and reducing our carbon footprint can actually leave us with more money in our pockets.

There are lots of ways to make money and invest our money, whether it’s putting our money in bonds, stocks or property and these methods should hopefully give you some returns, however insulating our houses is pretty much guaranteed to reduce your bills. Although a well-insulated house is probably slightly more important in cooler climbs where we might spend more money on winter heating bills, it should also reduce our AC bills in the summer too.

Here are a few tips to reduce your energy bills:


It is estimated that 1/3 of all heat is lost through the walls, there are a couple of different methods you can use to reduce this. Firstly, if you have cavities between your walls, you can have this filled with insulating material. Alternatively, if you don’t have cavities you can have cladding added internally or externally that will reduce heat escaping in the winter or coming in during the summer.

Floor and loft insulation

Probably the easiest way of reducing your fuel bill is to insulate your loft. The easiest is to lay some ‘loft roll’ which is very cheap and easy enough if you’re even half way competent at DIY. Alternatively, if you want to still use your attic for storage, you can put down harder styrofoam sheets down.


Make sure your windows are double glazed, or at least sufficiently insulated and draft proofed, to stop too much heat escaping.

Pipe and tank insulation

Covering your hot water pipes and hot water tank with insulation will prevent you wasting heat.

Draft proofing

Prevent drafts that can whip through your house and cause you to turn up the heating by using draft excluders and strips.

Institute some of these simple measures and you’ll find your energy bill should go down and you’ll feel warmer. You know what they say: going green is the new thrifty. Alternatively, you could just burn the money you’d save now.

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