Five Ways To Save On Holiday Shopping

five-ways-to-save-on-holiday-shoppingThe holidays might be the most wonderful time of the year, but surely not for our wallets! The holiday season implies some increased spending each year, as you need not just to pay the usual bills and buy the usual groceries, but also think about presents for your loved ones and the copious Christmas dinner.

Here are some tips to save you some bucks – and some stress as well.

1. Plan Ahead, Way Ahead

Start thinking about the best gifts to offer your loved ones well before the holiday season – even during the summer. As we all know, winter items – apparel, footwear and even sports equipment – tends to be cheaper off season, so why not buy a pair of winter boots during the summer, for a lower price, and hide it until December?

The same goes for the Christmas dinner – plan ahead, buy the non-perishable ingredients before the season, so you will only have to worry about (and carry) the fresh ones when the time comes. You’ll save not only money, but save on stress as well.

2. Try Shopping Online

Instead of walking around the shopping center for hours on end looking for the perfect gift, try to do some research online first. Amazon is a great place to start. You will save not just time, but most of the times even a few bucks.

Think about the costs of renting a shop in a mall, paying the sales staff and security, and so on – all these costs are missing from places like Amazon so they can afford to be cheaper.

3. Keep An Eye On Black Friday Offers

Black Friday, the traditional start day for the holiday shopping season, is the day when all retailers have the best offers of the year. If you don’t mind battling a large crowd to buy a gift for your significant other, you can buy at some really good prices on this day.

Be sure to check the available offers in due time – there’s no use in fighting your way through a sale-hungry crowd only not to find the stuff you are looking for. Online outlets like will help you be informed.

4. Keep An Eye On Cyber Monday Offers

Cyber Monday, happening on the Monday after Black Friday, is the biggest shopping day for online retailers. This is the day when most online shops launch their best offers online.

Amazon takes the cake for cyber Monday deals. The whole day is full of big savings. Be aware, though, that most stocks are limited, so if you don’t order quickly, you might miss the lightning fast sales.

5. Leave It To The Last Minute

If you didn’t do your holiday shopping months in advance, it’s probably better to just wait until the last minute. As Christmas approaches, online stores don’t want to be left out. This is the time they start offering free shipping so you can avoid the crowded malls.

Keep an eye out for these last minute, no-cost holiday shipping offers. This way you can avoid battling with fellow shoppers and staying up all night waiting for the online sale to start, and still have the perfect gift under the Christmas tree. Major retailers like Best Buy always have such offers, but you can search for others online.

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