What to Expect from Professional Drunk Driving Lawyers.

Professional lawyers represent many people who have been charged with drink driving offences.  Experts have extensive experience in this particular area and deal with these types of cases on a weekly basis.  Individuals who have been charged with drink driving are no doubt worried about what might happen.  Over factors related to this type of offence include what penalties might occur as well as the loss of a driving licence.

For first drink driving offenders who haven’t been through the process before, dedicated lawyers will arrange a meeting to discuss the situation.  Drink driving lawyers Perth will do everything they can to put their client’s mind at rest.  A legal pathway will be provided to get through things simply and intelligently while exploring every angle about the case itself.  There are many ways as to how reputable lawyers can help anyone charged with drink driving, they will:-

  1. Offer sound advice
  2. Represent in all proceedings
  3. Apply for an EDL, extraordinary driving licence
  4. Help to keep the client on the road

Where there is no legal defence, understanding traffic lawyers can negotiate with the court on their client’s behalf.  Legal experts can talk to the magistrate explaining personal circumstances as well as providing a character reference of the client to reduce and obtain the lowest possible fine or disqualification period.

More about drink driving

Drink driving or DUI is when a person drives a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol above the allowed limit or threshold.  This is known in legal terms as BAC or blood alcohol concentration.  It’s possible to test for BAC by using a breathalyser, blood test or urine test.

In Australia the drink driving limit or threshold varies depending on the type of licence held.  For instance, if the driver is a novice driver, a full licence holder who has been disqualified, cancelled or has an EDL, there’s a 0.05 BAC limit. When charged with a drink driving offence, the loss of the driving licence can happen immediately or afterwards, depending on the circumstances.

Penalties vary for drink driving offences depend on a number of key factors like:-

  • Age
  • Type of licence held
  • Blood alcohol level
  • Any past DUI convictions
  • Any other related charges
  • The  kind of vehicle being driven

Drink driving lawyers realise how important driving licences are to clients.  Losing a driving licence can have a devastating effect on an individual’s lifestyle who may need it for work, for family or for medical reasons.  Don’t delay in contacting fully qualified traffic lawyers who in many cases offer a quick chat for free to find out if they can help.

Plenty of helpful information online

For anyone charged with a drink driving offence, there’s plenty of helpful information online.  Spend some time reading what reliable traffic lawyers can provide in terms of legal representation with privacy being guaranteed. A drink driving lawyer will work tirelessly on your behalf.

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