Common Real Estate Mistakes (Selling)

- Not making your home easily accessible for showings. Try and have someone at home during the day. Make sure there’s parking available.

- Trying to hard when showing your home. No words you say are going to convince someone to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your aggressive words can only irritate potential buyers. It’s the house that’s going to make the sale.

- Setting too high of a price. You think it’s a good idea, so that you can negotiate downwards and still get what you want. However, if the price is too high you’ll get very little interest and little to no offers. Then you’ll have to do the dreaded price drop, which always looks bad.

- Do your research before selling your home. You’ll want to list comparable sales in your area to show that your sale price is reasonable. Also, you’ll want to know who to market your home to, to fine tune the sales pitch to that particular crowd.

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  • Igor
    19 Jan 2012 | Permalink | Reply

    Most people didn’t bought too many homes so it’s pretty obvious they would make lot of mistakes. Like when you buy a new car go with someone who understand

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