Change Your Thoughts And Change Your Finances

If you change how you think, you can lose weight, do better at your job, run your business better, be a better friend, partner, and member of society. How come? Human beings have two components-hardware and software. Just like a computer, our hardware parts enable us to perform certain functions.

However, it is our software that dictates what we do, how we do it, and how fast. The truth is all people share the same hardware but choose different software to run. If you run the right software, you will be come the master of your personal finances. If you choose to run the wrong software, you will always find yourself short of cash at the end of every month and have little to no savings or investments to your name.

Most of these programs come in the form of ‘affirmations’-statements that we say to ourselves daily. These influence our subconscious and we ultimately find our bodies governed by these statements. They influence how much motivation we have, what goals we pursue, and how we measure our personal success.

I am in control

If you truly want to take control of your personal finances, you have to repeat and believe this statement at least three times per day. When you say you are in control, it will be harder for you to feel that other people control your financial destiny.

When you reaffirm the control you have over your life, you are more aware of the fact that the decisions you make have consequences in your life. By taking control of your life, you take back the power to shape your future from people and circumstances people normally assign power to-their boss, the government, their spouse, etc.

I have no one else to blame

The flip side of claiming the personal power to shape your own life based on your deeply-held values is the realization that you have no one else to blame for the things that go wrong in your life. If you believe that you are in control of your life, when find yourself with little to no savings at the end of the month, you won’t blame other people. Instead, you’ll take ownership, feel a little bad, but resolve to do better than next month.

That’s the correct process. Take ownership of the problem. Pushing it to someone else relieves you of responsibility but the problem will not only remain but may even grow bigger since there’s no personal ‘sting’ felt on having screwed up.

Today is connected to tomorrow

When you repeat this statement, you are making it clear to your conscious brain that you are aware that whatever decision you do now has a direct impact on the future. If you let the truth of this statement sink in, you will be less prone to spending money now instead of saving.

You will also be less susceptible to wasting money on stuff you don’t need. Conversely, every penny of savings you set aside now feels good because you realize you are building a better financial future for yourself.

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