6 Ways To Watch Movies For Free

6 Ways To Watch Movies For Free

Going to the movie theater is a national pastime, but gone are the days of the cheap drive-in movie. Now you could be shelling out $100+ for a night out at the movies with your family.

Buying DVD’s isn’t cheap either, at about 15 bucks per movie. What if you could watch movies for free? What if it wasn’t illegal? Well It’s entirely possible to feed your movie addiction on a shoestring budget. Here are 6 methods to do just that.

Share A Netflix Account

If a friend of yours has a Netflix subscription, you can mooch off of them if they don’t mind. With Netflix you are allowed to have 6 devices registered and you can stream up to two movies at the same time.

Borrow DVD’s From The Library

The popularity of libraries is on the decline as more and more people are using their tablets to read books. But libraries have more than just books, they’ve got DVD’s as well. While each library is different, you may be able to borrow DVD’s from your local library for free.

RedBox Codes

RedBox is cheap enough as it is, at just $1.20 per day. But your 1 day movie rental is free if you find a RedBox coupon code that works. Go to Inside Redbox (http://www.insideredbox.com/redbox-codes/) and find a recent working code and give it a shot.

Swap DVD’s

You may have some luck trading your collection of DVD’s with someone else. You can do this with friends, at yard sales or at the swap meet.

You can also use an online service such as Swap A DVD (http://www.swapadvd.com/) which lets you trade movies with other members for free. You can list the movies you’ve already watched so someone else can enjoy them.


You can find just about anything in the free section of Craigslist. Sometimes people have a big couch they want to get rid of. But other times people are moving and don’t want to haul a bunch of junk. Some people may end up giving away their DVD collection so it’s a good idea to check the section out every once in a while.


Hulu is generally known for being the go-to place to watch television shows, but they have hundreds of movies available to watch for free. While the selection isn’t as impressive as Netflix, you can’t beat free.

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