4 Ways To Save Money On Pet Care


As the recession hit, animal shelters throughout the country saw the number of incoming pets soar. Pet owners found themselves unable to care for their furry friends which led many to reluctantly abandon their animals to shelters. Read these 4 tips on saving on pet care in case tough times ever strike and you find yourself needing to minimize expenses without sacrificing your best friend.

Take advantage of town-sponsored clinics

Many towns offer rabies clinics where dog and cat owners can get rabies vaccines at a reduced cost with no doctors fee. These clinics typically cost between $10 and $20 per animal, with some towns offering a discount on the second or third pet.

Sometimes, you can also find mobile spay and neuter services that travel town to town offering pet owners a discounted spay or neuter for their pets. These vans sometimes offer other services as well, such as shots, nail clipping, flea treatments and more. Ask friends and family or go online to find a discount mobile clinic near you.

Buy generic pet food

A lot of pet owners find themselves caught in the mindset that they have to feed their pets a specific brand of pet food and if they don’t, their pet will get ill. Fortunately, generic pet food is often made of the same ingredients, in the same factories as brand-name products, meaning you’re getting the same high-quality food for a lot less. Take advantage of the generic options to get fido his favorites for a lot less.

Get prescriptions filled at the grocery store

Sure, it may be convenient to have your pets medications filled at the vet, but you may save more going to another pharmacy. Often, veterinarians don’t offer to write out a prescription, so you may have to specifically ask for it and be prepared for a fight.

Once you have the prescription in hand you can go to another pharmacy that may be less expensive. In addition, some grocery stores offer incentives such as coupons or gift cards for bringing a new prescription to their store. Call and find out if pet subscriptions count and if they do, take advantage of the deal to get your pet medications for less while earning discounts at the grocery store.

Be your own groomer

Most groomers aren’t any more qualified to care for fidos beautification than you are. Instead of taking your dog in every month for a $30 bath, buy a $5 bottle of shampoo and give your pup a bath at home. You’ll save time not having to travel to the groomer and you’ll save a lot of money. Best of all, fido won’t be stressed out because he’ll be at home with people he trusts.

There are numerous ways you can save money on pet care. Get creative and look for ways that you can shave down the cost of your pets care and grooming to keep fido within the family budget.

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3 Comments on “4 Ways To Save Money On Pet Care”

  1. There’s no way I’d feed generic food to my pets. Just as people, ‘You are what you eat’. A high quality, and unfortunately higher price tag, is a higher quality food, which helps with the overall health and well being of your pet.

  2. They are not just “animals” to us, they are part of the family and I would never feed my family generic food. Bathing and grooming? That I can understand.

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