3 Things To Do With Unwanted Gift Cards


During the holiday season, you probably received at least one gift card. While the intention behind the gift is probably nice, what do you do if it’s for a store or restaurant you don’t frequent? You can’t return gift cards, which means it’s time to get a little bit creative.

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do with unwanted gift cards that won’t offend the giver and won’t leave you with a gift you don’t want, don’t like or don’t need. Read on to discover 3 creative uses for unwanted gift cards.

1. Sell it online

There are plenty of websites that will buy your unwanted gift cards from you for a discounted price. While you may not get back the full face value of the card, if it’s something you wouldn’t use anyway you may just be happy to get something out of the deal.

You can also try selling it on Craigslist or eBay, though it’s unlikely that you will get the full face value at either of these websites. Expect people to be a little suspicious of your offering, and be willing to call to validate the card while the buyer is present.

2. Regift it

If you know someone else that would like the gift card, you can always re-gift it and save yourself from having to buy a gift later on. Be sure that you give it to someone who will actually use it so you don’t put someone else in the same situation you’re in right now. It’s also important to not re-gift it to someone who knows the person that originally gave it you to avoid hurt feelings.

3. Donate it

Sometimes you can donate gift cards to charitable organizations and then use the gift as a write-off on your taxes. Check with shelters and groups that work with children, as they are the most likely to accept a gift-card donation. Your gift will make a difference in someone’s life and you’ll get a nice write-off next year.

Just because you don’t need or want a gift card doesn’t mean that you can’t put it to good use. Be tactful about how you go about ridding yourself of the piece of plastic so that you don’t offend the giver. As always, it’s the thought behind the gift that counts, so keep that in mind as you look for ways to go about exchanging the gift card for something you really want or need.

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