3 Great Jobs For Teenagers

One of the most important things your teenager needs to learn before they head off into the real world is how to make and manage money. At the heart of this learning experience is the need to hold a job, because without a job they won’t be able to learn how to handle their finances.

With that in mind, it’s not always easy for teenagers to find jobs. Here are three great jobs that your teen can do to earn some money of their own and get their feet wet in the working world.


This is probably the most obvious option. Babysitting for friends and family won’t have your teen living the good life, but it’s an honest job that provides a real service and brings in a little bit of spending money. Help your teen decide what to spend, save and invest to lay a strong foundation of financial independence.

Fast food

Working in a fast food joint is probably the most stereotypical teenage job out there. However, this type of employment has some real advantages. For one, it teaches your teenager valuable customer service skills that they will be able to use to gain other employment. The other upside is that it introduces them to the hard truth about taxes, social security and other types of deductions. Understanding that you don’t get to take home every dollar you earn is a hard truth that most people can’t grasp until they enter the work force.

On a side note, if you teen does get a job in the fast food industry, they may be able to transfer stores to something near their college when the time comes to head off to school. Fast food has gotten a bad rap in the recent years, but in light of the economy any job is a good job.

Administrative work

Teens are natural fits for certain administrative tasks. They’ve likely grown up around technology and most of them can type quickly and accurately. Because of this skill set, todays teenagers are in a much better position than a lot of the labor force to do administrative tasks. Have them inquire at the local newspaper as well at any large corporations for intern positions. This will give them a chance to earn a slightly higher wage while getting some valuable resume building experience.

Encouraging your teenager to get a job is the perfect way to help them grow into a responsible adult. Working and managing money are two of the most important lessons you can teach your children. In todays economy it’s never too early to start building your resume and working to acquire the skills employers want the most.

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4 Comments on “3 Great Jobs For Teenagers”

  1. I remember those days. I never worked fast food but I did work at the mall, which is another stereotypical teen job. I liked it because I got an employee discount. i later got and administrative job, which was a great upgrade from the mall. First jobs such but they do teach you what money is really worth.

  2. I agree that starting teenagers early in the workplace is ideal. I started as a lifeguard, but I think I learned more from working in the service industry. Whether it is customer service, restaurant, or hotels, it is a great place to start with real world experience that will add to the college entrance application.

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